Interview with the BBC about setting up the school.

BBC Filming day

BBC filming day, interview being filmed 

 The BBC came to interview me on the 15/11/11 about setting up my own flying school at over the age of 50.  

For a number od years I was running a successful fitness gym and was doing up to 16 full hour classes a week with additional personal training, weight training and external training such as bike rides and power walks.

After all the years of running the gym I had damaged my knees and they began to lock up and I was in a lot of pain. After a hospital visit and an operation on my knees I was told my working life as a fitness instructor was over. I was devastated fitness was my life. I went through depression and I had to close my business as I was the solo operator of my gym and could not afford to employ any one to run it for me.

Because I was limited to what I could do because of my knees I began to look again at becoming a Microlight flexwing instructor as I had perviously had a microlight pilots licence. I sought out funding by researching the Prime website which is for over 50's who are self employed. Finally I sourced funding from Disability Dynamics.

When the funding came through I travelled to York, To John Teesdale and I did my Instructor courses , when I passed I became firstly an AFI {Assistant flying instructor } for 10 months, then after doing over 250 hours of teaching students to fly, sat full instructor course and passed.

The next thing was to find a location to set up my school. I had learnt to fly at Sheffield Aero Club some 20 years ago so that is where I started and I sent many emails with no response at first. Then a change of  staff prompted a reply from thier new chief flying instructor. Soon a meeting was arranged then I was put forward to the clubs commitee. After manyy subsequent meetings approval was granted.

What followed was fantastic, the club did everything they could to help me. They provided me with an office/briefing room, and hanger space so that the school be created. Once all the other aspects were sorted like the accounts and the website I was up and running and I have been running now since may 2011

The BBC's interview came about when the Prime over 50's club sent out emails saying that the BBC wanted to interview people who had set up businesses over the age of 50.

The day of the interview started with flying lessons. I filmed with one of my students Kieron Grimely while doing circuits. Once the  camera and microphones were fitted off we went. After all the filming had finished and the interview had been shot 6 times everything was wrapped up. I had great fun filming and the finished film should be released in January 2012. 

Pictures can be found on the gallery and I aim to have a link to the film as soon as it is released.