Microlight flights .Flying Lessons & Trial Flight Experiences - Flight briefs MFL Students
This page is open to Microlight flight students only contains the pre-flight briefs for all lessons. This page is password protected students should ask CFI for the password to unlock the page.

 These are power point presentations and not to be used for self teach (unless you want your own angel wings) also the only cover the main points the and of aid to CFI preflight briefs


Exercise 4 Effects of controls 

Exercise 5 taxying

Exercise 6 straight level.ppt

Exercise 7 Climbing

Exercise 8 Descending power point.ppt

Exercise 9A Level turns

Exercise 9B climbing and descending turns

Exercise 10A Slow Flight

Exercise 10B stalling

Exercise 12 13 Circuits    click on this for  over head join poster 

Exercise 14 Advanced turns

Exercise 15 Unusual and dangerouse Attitudes

Exercise 16 Forced landings without power

Exercise 16B Operation at minimum level  

Exercise 17A First solo power point.


 Flash 2 Alpha weight calculation placard. This is weight calculation Placard a liter of fuel weighs 0.7liter Important note the empty weigh of school 582 is 157kg substitute this figure for one shown at 147kg.

microlightflight-lessons.com /CheckList  (check list's used in flight)

Navigation student Handout's ( click on the item to download)

 Navigation page 1.jpg

 Navigation page 2.jpg

 Navigatio page 4.jpg

 Navigation page 5.jpg

 Navigation page 6.jpg

 Navigation page 7.jpg

 Navigation page 8.jpg

 Navigation page 9.jpg

 Navigation page 10.jpg

 Navigation page 11.jpg

 Navigation page 12.jpg

 Navigation page 13.jpg

 Navigation page 14.jpg

 Navigation page 15.jpg

 Navigation page 16.jpg

 Navigation page 17.jpg

 Navigation page 18.jpg

 Navigation page 19.jpg

 Navigation page 20.jpg


BMAA click on link below ( must be done before being sent solo)