Can I be a Pilot what is involved.  

This page is To inform the prospective student of what is needed to get throught his or her course.

This could be you off on a long flight with a friend 

First and foremost read

 Find everything you can find look on the internet check my website make a list of questions to ask, then phone me for a chat. ask your self, can I pass the medical, no good starting your course only to fail the medical. click link BMAA-Medical-Form ( self certification) Go to the BMAA website and there is some useful information there under quick start. 


Phone the school

 Unless its really late call my mobile (07794 838 540 )anytime only to willing to chat ( leave me a text if dont answer I may be flying if during day) 

Dont commit yet follow my recomended procedure below


Come for a visit have look

Come to the  school have a go on the simulator ( make sure you phone me before you come a chat can take up to two hours)

 Go home have a good old think about it.

Want to take it to the next stage.

Ok Then

Book a flight


  •  Trial flight-back seat - 30 mins ( £49.00 this flight can be  counted towards your license) go and have ago make sure it is something you want to do. 


  •  Go away have a think, is it something I can do ,can i give the time to learn, can I get the ground school studying done.


  •  Ask me any questions make sure you  understand the comitment needed Phone me ( generaly a student phones about 7 times or less before commiting)


  •  What are the different licences
  • There  are two:-
  • Full 25 hours
  • Restricted 15 hours
  • Its a bit long to go into it here so:-


  •  Click on link below (it.s a bit long winded but comprehensive)





Course syllabus

What do I Have  to learn ?  there is a BMAA sylabus which takes you from learning  from what the controls do to take of landing and dealing with emergancies ( click on link below)

 microlightflight- Microlight-Course-Syllabus

 It won't be long before you are landing like this 

Whats a lesson like
  •  Book a Front seat flight have your first lesson ( ex 4 effects of controls) see what it is like in the front seat. (£85.00 includes pre-flight brief and 60 min's flight again counts towards your license)

 Yes you enjoyed and you want a License


What cost am I looking at



  • 15 Hours duel £89.00........................ £ 1.335.00
  • 10 Hours solo £60.00....................... £ 0.600.00
  • .GST Examiner fee's.......................... £ 0.100.00
  • CAA license fee's............................... £ 0.146.00
  • Ground school exams 5x £20.00...... £ 0.100.00
  • Book's, Pens, Map's.......................... £ 0.100.00
  • Radio Course optional...................... £ 0.150.00

............................................................Total  £ 2.381.00


This is are home field looking at it from approach to runway 18



Pay as you go by the lesson

By the hour payment's after a intial £100.00 none returnable administration deposit,  the cost per flying hour £89.00 per hour.   

All above include Preflight and post flight briefs with a full 60 min's flight engine on until engine off.



 Now make your mind up can you do it?

Made it ?


 it's a yes ? 

well done.

 what do I do next ?


Well the first thing 

Join the BMAA

(click below to download form)


Fill in the student, part make sure I know you are starting lessons as they will phone me to confirm  


Join-Sheffield aero club Microlight flight lessons

( this is done through me first  3 months free )

  • Get medical done download of my website click on link -(BMAA-Medical-Form(2614006).1.htm)
  • Arrange course dates or book in as often as you can.
  • Pay for course, buy a block mimimum 5 hours. or pay as you go,( you must pay one hour in advance)


Theres nothing like piloting your own aircraft

7. start to study as soon as you can

 You need to purchase

BMAA sylabus ( I will give you one as a greeting to flying)

  • Cosgroves Microlight handbook
  • Air law for microlights Geof weighell
  • Human factors Trevor thom
  • Navigation training Trevor Thom
  • Aeroplanes part 1 Trevor Thom
  • Meterology.
  • Map ( see me for those)
  • Protractor.
  • Aviation ruler
  • permament marker pens and after shave to clean it off
  • Log book ( see me for those)


These can be purchased from me

Do you teach ground schools ?

Not at the moment to do a proper ground school takes about 6 hours per subject

I will start them soon but the charge will be £60.00 per 3 two hour sessions(£10.00 per hour)

That said I will help out if are  weathered off flying.

We will run through the ground school's

What do I study first

  • Aviation law need this passed to go solo I have computer software on all ground schools ( You need the minimum of this exam before I can send you solo)
  • Metrology I will show you the met how to read TAF MET   214 and 215. but theory side you do your self.
  • Navigation We need to get this done early on you flight training you can studey the theory side i will take you throught the practical planning.


  Do I need to buy flying suits helmets


No not yet I will provide everything you need Helmets flying suit gloves whilst we dual.

But you can buy them from me ready for your solo hours. (these can be purchased through me)

 Buying a aircraft

I can advise you on that but it is a buyer beware, as the year goes on I will be buying and selling aircraft (don't jump and buy first one you see)

A good site to look for aircraft is AFORS


Microlight flight lessons do not gurantee a pass but we are geared at only sending students who are of a high standard for there GST Test.


Bookings are on the first come first serve basis no prority is given to any student it is up to the student to book in with the school's diary