Learn To Fly Flexwing


Flying Lessons Training

We pride ourselves in giving quality instruction. We believe everyone is individual, so our training is geared to your specific needs and ability, rather than selling you a set course. How quickly you progress through the syllabus depends upon you. All training uses the National Private Pilots License (NPPL) syllabus as set up and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority and the British Microlight Aircraft Association.

 The first step.....The trial flight!

 Book your trial flight online or over the phone. If you have never been flying in anything smaller than a large passenger aircraft you will never forget your first trial flight! It is designed for you to have fun, and to familiarise you with the aircraft including safety and the flight controls, whilst taking in the stunning  Derbyshire scenery. The trial flight can be either a 30 minute or 1 hour flight and in both cases this will be preceded by a briefing session.This trial flight can count towards your licence. ( It is aviation law we have to keep all trial flight records for two years in this case we keep the membership form as the flight record of your flight. with cross refernce to school flying logs)

The Flight

 Once airborne at a safe height, you will have the opportunity to take control of the aircraft and fly yourself. Take advantage of the 1 hour flight - you get a lot more time at the controls, time to really get a feel of what it's like to fly your own aircraft besides being simply a lot more fun! 

Flying Club  Membership

Ok so you want to learn before you can learn to fly you must be member of the school flying club, at our School you will have fillied in a temporay membership this covers you for your trial flight only. before training starts the mebership forms must be filled in and signed and the fee paid to Sheffield Aero club as a member you can learn to fly a Flexwing microlight. in addition the BMAA membership form must be sent with fees ( as astudent these are discounted for first year) 

Flying training by the hour. 

Dual training is based on a 2 hour slot which includes a pre-flight briefing session, pre-flight aircraft inspection, 1 hour of flying and a post flight debrief. The cost is based on the 1 hour flying time only. This is the option we find most students prefer.

 Ground school  Courses

 We have a fully equipped briefing rooms, and ground school is available for all the subjects  required for your license including your radio license- see syllabus. Study at your own pace or Join one of are evening courses between Sheffield aero club & Microlight Flights. 


25 hour flying course including ground school, exams and study material. 25 hours logged flying is the minimum requirement for the National Private Pilots License (microlight rating) excluding the General Skills Test (GST). The actual time required depends upon each individual student's ability.

The course includes: 25 hours flying time 5 hours of ground school One full set of ground exams Study books Navigational chart and equipment A copy of the NPPL(M) syllabus Pilots flying log book Please see prices for current costs.




 Licence ratings available.


MICROLIGHT (max all up weight 450kg, max 2 seats). There are currently 2 types of microlight ratings available to you.

  Microlight Flight-Lessons  can train you for either. NPPL Restricted Microlight Rating. A minimum of 15 hours flying instruction of which 7 hours must be solo.

The solo hours must be completed within the 9 month period prior to applying for the licence. A general skills test (GST) must be passed; this is carried out by an authorised instructor holding an 'Examiner' appointment.

 Flying on a restricted rating means that you cannot take off when:- The surface wind exceeds 15 knots The cloud base is below 1,000 feet The in-flight visibility is below 5 nautical miles You must not fly outside a radius of 8nm from your departure airfield You cannot carry passengers until you have logged at least 25 hours flight time (10 hours as Pilot in Command)

 NPPL Licence  

In addition to the requirements for the restricted Microlight Rating, a further 10 hours of flying must be obtained of which at least 5 hours must be navigation training under the supervision of a qualified instructor. During the navigation training you must complete 2 solo cross country flights of at least 40 nautical miles each. During each of these solo flights a landing must be made at an airfield at least 15nm from take off. A pilot may go straight for the unrestricted licence from the start in which case the navigational cross country requirements must be completed within the 9 month period prior to applying for the licence. Current PPL A / JAR Licence Holders Under recent JAR regulations you are now required to take conversion training - particularly with flexwing microlights, where the control input is directly opposite to that which you have been accustomed.

Radio Course

At Microlight flight-lessons you can gain your radio licence,on course with are night school courses, they are run by Sheffield aero clubs CFI (chief Flying Instructor)so making Microlight flight-lessons a true one stop shop for all your licence needs.(This makes Microlight flight-lessons unique among many other microlight clubs)

Gst Test

 Once Both you and your instructor thinks you are ready we will arrange for a Microlight examiner to come to the club and conduct your GST (General skills flying test)


The Training Promise

I am so confident in the training I give, that I will promise. if you don't pass first time I will provide a free pre GST up to 2 hours , before you take your  retest (Not many other clubs will offer this).

See you for a celebration pint (on me of course) 

QFI Dave Buck