This is one of the exercise briefs available free to all MFL students (Microlight Flight Lessons)


The rest of the exercises are on the MFL student page. Outside students can purchase the briefs to download at £1.00 each. for details email at you can buy direct on the preflight brief purchase page.



 Exercise 4 Effects of controls power point brief (Click on ex 4 to download)

When using the this brief, press next or click mouse as headings and bullet points do not  appear straight away. This power point brief is used with the flight simulator with student sat in the simulator. The brief is given then switch over to the virtual flexwing and the exercise is practised on the simulator any problems such as moving the control bar the  opposit way to the intended direction of travel can be corrected also student questions can be asked at any time thanks to the pause button (Oh to have that luxury in the air)  ensuring the student fully under stands the exercise to be taught and this saves time and also flying time. In the air the procedure taught on the simulator is the same as in the air ie- Instructor demonstation, student with instructor assist practice, student solo attempt. The preflights do take longer but the time saved in the air speeds up training and saves the student money in the long term.