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Flexwing Simulator  Evolution  

Microlight Flights New Flexwing Aircraft simulator




Simulators are in use world wide this one is the first of it's kind in the


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Microlight Flights New Flexwing Aircraft simulator



Welcome to Microlight flights flexwing simulator, Evolution. This is the latest upgrade to are original Flexwing simulator.

Simulators are in use world wide this one is the first of it's kind in the  with fully interactive controls. The simulator Instructor control station controls the simulator both on screen and in real time the flexwing microlight control bar which operates remotely from the control   station, this gives the student pilot the feel that the behind him giving instruction.

The simulator trains the student pilot to flight level standards as laid down by the BMAA syllabus. The student pilot learns the flight drills and exercise execution in the flight simulator saving the instructor  valuable flight time pracaticing the student the drills in the air this leaves the student time to hone his flight skills whilst in flight.

Anyone can have ago 

 Anyone can come along and have ago in the simulator with one of our simulator instructors. We offer a one hour introduction covering the early part of the syllabus from the effects of controls to take off and landings. All ages can try from youngsters to the young at heart. After your simulator experience come back and have ago in the real thing taking what you learnt in the simulator with one of our resident Flying instructor's.

Buy as a unusual Christmas gift open from 12 upwards ( all  children must be accompanied by Guardian)there is no upper age limit. After the one hour session you will receive a certificate and a appraisal to suitability to gaining your pilots license. Why not then book a flight in the real thing and take your newly learnt pilot skills in the air for real and take the controls with one of our flight instructors and enjoy the thrills of piloting a flexwing microlight. 

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