Please ensure you read and fully understand our terms and conditions, if in doubt about any part of our terms please email us with your  inquiry.

If you find you can not accept any part of our terms and conditions. please do not book a flight.

 If You can not accept our terms and conditions, Please return to your  voucher company and seek a exchange or refund, if within the 14 days purchase refund periodOnce a flight is booked after the 14 day period ,you can not go  back to your voucher company for a refund,whilst the voucher is in date, if cancelled you must rebook a flight.

Opening Times 

Open Flying times our open times are Monday to sunday flight times from 10am to 4pm

These are for customer trial flights which are back seat flights only, this is to allow customer to experience open cockpit aircraft for the first time.

There is no allowance for customers to use the controls as customer sits in the rear seat, which makes flight controls not  available for rear seat passengers.


Purchasing a Voucher either from Microlight  flying lessons trial flights. or one of the many voucher companies we use, By purchase that you accept all our terms and conditions.

It is to the customer purchasing that they understand the type of Aircraft (Flexwing Microlight) and experience they have purchased. we do not refund if you have booked with microlight flights by a mistake.

Please ensure you fully understand what experience you are purchasing and that you have the correct Flight school.

Please note we do not take any bookings for   any other school based at the airfield or can our vouchers be exchanged with any other school based at the airfield they are only for use at Microlight flying lessons trial flights ,please ensure you have booked with the correct school at the airfield.


Booking A flight. please go to our booking calender select a date, fill in the pop up page  and send back to us. You will then receive a confirmation email.   

 Any inquirys Please email us with your inquirys, please use the link on our menu.  

 Please note, we do not accept cancellations by phone, or email to cancel a booking  please go back to your booking form at there bottom of the form is a cancellation button, please not if less than 72 hours you will not be able to cancel a booking.


Always call the weather line before 8.00 am on day of your flight, our pilots put on the weatheline message around 7am on the morning of your flight.

Call 01909 259 059 press option 3 to see if flights are running on on the day, before making the journey to the Airfield.

Please check the weatherline every hour to ensure we have not cancelled any flights.

Please check the weatherline every 20 minutes  if traveling, failure to check the weatherline could involve a wasted journey to the airfield 


If your lesson is cancelled because of the weather, mechanical, pilots heath or due to other unforeseen circumstances,  by your instructor, there of course will be no charge to you and the flight, you can rescheduled as long as your voucher is still in date.

It is up to the customer to phone to ensure the flight is still going ahead.  We also recommend you call the weather line before you set off to the airfield.we recomend every hour, and every half hour if traveling long distance. Please note if we cancel flights we only do this on the weatherline.


Weight limit  There is a weight limit for passengers on the aircraft of 100 kilos this is fully dressed with helmets and  flight suits Etc so customers must weigh no more 15 stone start weight dressed. Any one attending for a flight who is over this weight restriction will have either their flight cancelled and the voucher will be classed as used or can be transferred to someone else where possible on the day.

Seat belt and Harness We must also be able to fasten the seat belts and harnesses on the machine around any person, where this can not be done despite being below the weight limit will have there flight cancelled and the voucher will be classed as used or can be transferred to someone else on the day.

Removal of safety Equipment No seat belt harness or helmet safety equipment can be unfastened by the passenger whilst in the aircraft ,passengers must wait for the pilot to alight the aircraft and remove all safety equipment. Any damage caused to Microlight flying lessons trial flights equipment person or equipment,property,persons or aircraft around the airfield the passenger will be fully responsible for damages caused to any person or property and will be liable to  legal proceedings.

Age Limit  The age limit is 14 years. this is the legal age that lessons can be taught. under that age can not be classed as a lesson. 

If the person is under the age limit and false representation of the age is made to attain a flight , if there is a issue the insurance will be nullified.  

Flight safety 

We only fly if safe to fly, all customers must be able to climb it the aircraft unaided ,also the passenger must be able to sit with legs wide to accommodate the pilot in the front seat, if the pilot can not get into the front seat and sit comfortably to conduct a safe flight, the flight will be cancelled. there can be no refunds, if this occures you must tell us on your booking form of any medical issues, the voucher can be used by another person present on the day.

if during a flight our pilots deems the flight unsafe to continue the flight will be terminated on flight safety grounds. There are no refunds on a termination early of a flight on flight safety grounds, also if the passenger requests too terminate the flight early than the booked voucher flight time.this also applies to student training.

   Voucher Expiry Any flight experience purchased have a expiry date ,once this is reached the voucher can no longer be used, even if you have been cancelled.

if your flights have been cancelled on flight safety grounds, it is for the   customer to book in flights before expiry date to ensure you are booked on a flight before the voucher expires, .if in any doubt please contact your relevant voucher company for advise. ( please do not buy a flight voucher, if not happy about this part of our terms and conditions if you have purchased a voucher, you can get a refund within 14 days of purchase) 

 REFUNDS You have 14 days from the point of purchase of the voucher after purchase (please note by the purchaser and not after receiving as a gift) to ask for a full refund after the initial 14 days no refunds will be given. Please ensure that you read all terms and conditions within the 14 days of purchase of the experience.

 .Cancellations rescheduling with at least 72 hours notice.

If you need to cancel your lesson or reschedule, provided there is at least 72 hours notice prior to the lesson, you can reschedule as long as voucher is still in date and we have flight slots available.

To cancel a booking please go to the link at the bottom of your booking form click on the link, once done you can  rebook your flight

Please note you can not book a flight with a expired voucher. 


Cancellations without 72 hours notice.

Flights cancelled with out 72 hours notice,can no longer be used as the voucher will be redeemed for payment, even if we cancel a flight on the day for any safety reason  the voucher still can not be used.



Voucher experience companies and voucher expiry dates  

We use many experience company vouchers for flights with us, their expiry dates are on the voucher, once these dates are reached they are no longer valid, even if we have cancelled through weather or any other flight safety reason.

Certain voucher companies may extend but they must be contacted before the voucher expires.

Once our booking on line form has been filled in and returned to us, with your acceptance of our T&Cs you can not go back to your voucher company for a refund, as you are now under our voucher system and come under our terms and conditions, if you get a refund having booked a flight we will bill you for the refunded voucher at Microlight flying lessons trial flights, voucher costs. and you can no longer take the experience

By accepting our terms and conditions on Your booking form you agree to accept this condition.even if your flight is cancelled you must attempt to book the flight within 7 days as long as the booking is within the expiry date.


 Voucher YOU MUST bring your in date voucher, or paper copy and this must be given to a staff member. Without the voucher your flight will not go ahead.  This must be the original print off from the voucher company and not a phone app. or an amended version.

If on arrival you have not got a voucher we will refuse the flight.

(we have had customers turn up for a flight without a voucher, only for a few months later to rebook  and turn up with the original voucher and attempt to gain a second flight free, this of course is fraud to prevent this happening we no longer accept flights without a voucher) 

Voucher Emailed 

You may email us the voucher if you have not got printer or the actual voucher, we must have this voucher 3 days before your flight date. 

Use of our vouchers for raffles our vouchers can not be used for a raffle or a prize unless written permission is gained from Microlight flying lessons trial flights.

 Appointment System We operate a strict appointment slot system for all flights, it is important you arrive at least 30 minutes before your flight time.  Please allow extra travel time. If you miss your time slot or are to late to do anytime flying the voucher will be classed as used or you can pay a £25.00 cancellation fee and re book your flight  if within voucher expiry date subject to flight slots available.

Please note spectators must arrive at the same time as the participant the pilots will go as soon as membership forms are completed.

Membership Forms

A membership to Sheffield Aero Club must be signed before any simulator or flight can take place. This is FREE and lasts three months and allows you to return during that period to use facilities. (Please note Students returning after trial lesson. to learn to fly must pay full flying membership before Training can commence this Aviation law and Sheffield Aero Club rules)  

 Students starting there flight training 

Students about to start there flying training must pay the Sheffield Aero club membership flying member fees. It is against Aviation law and Sheffield Aero club rules to Fly with out being a full paid flying member of the flying school any hours done will be voided and can not be claimed wards your flight hours,retrospective payment is not allowed to get the hours reinstated but the fee will still be owed to Sheffield Aero club. 

Failure to show

Failure to arrive for your flight without notification will class your voucher as used.

Booking a flight then gaining refund  Customers who have booked a flight and gained a refund from there voucher company and still have a active booking on our calender ie- not cancelled there flight first on our booking calender.  ( This is  not allowed under our terms and conditions) will be invoiced for the full hour we will invoice for our 60 minutes flight which stands at £120.00 (this is because we still have to pay pilot and the loss of flight slot which may have been 60 minutes flight .)


Flight delays Microlight flying lessons trial flights always try to run to times, but flights maybe delayed for numerous reasons. Meteorological diversions, queuing to land, or refueling times please be patient if this occurs as these may beyond our control.

Taking a flight not entitled to We offer a range of flights and simulator experiences we have to ask the customer which experience there vouchers is valid for and book over the phone accordingly , if however you arrive and the wrong experience is booked the difference will have to be paid for  to the  experience booked through the phone.  We do endeavor to check all vouchers but if we find that after your experience you have taken the wrong experience you will be billed for the experience difference.

Out off pocket expenses microlight flying lessons trial flights only cancel flights on safety  grounds, even if you have driven hours to get to then airfield, we are not responsible for your travel expenses or any other expenses incurred on what ever the grounds of the cancellation. 


 Viewing Areas The viewing seating areas are clearly shown  for the safe viewing of flights. You or your family or friends are not allowed on the airfield with out being guided by a Sheffield aero club staff member or Microlight flying lessons trial flights, staff member. You are not  allowed to walk around the aircraft or hangers with out permission and escorted by a member of Sheffield aero club or microlight flights. Children must be kept safe by parents guardians, pets must be kept on leads at all times. No pets are allowed in the Sheffield aero club reception.

Any friends or relatives who approach the aircraft after the flight is completed which you the where the passenger, and are unescorted by microlight staff member or sheffield aero club staff you the passenger be fined, no person can issue a instruction to walk to on the airfield un escorted  . you will be fined £50.00 by us for this safety breach.   (All fines are donated to the local air ambulance) Please ensure that your group are informed of this rule. the airfield is under surveillance by cameras at all times.

Cameras No cameras or camera phones are allowed on any flight. any one  found using a camera in flight will have the flight terminated any damage caused by customers will be billed for the damage and expenses and if camera dropped from aircraft will be reported to police.

Medical Physical We reserve the right to cancel the flight if we consider it is not in the passenger's best interest to fly. Please call to discuss any issues which you think may prevent you, friend or relative from flying

Some medical pointers  Epileptic. Assmatic. Heart issues. pregnancy. Sight. hearing. mobility problems, mental issues, weight, ADHT, Autistic, or panic attacks, This does not mean you can not fly but please call the pilot before booking your flight if any concerns. Please note you must tell the pilot of any medical conditions before the flight.

Passenger hip Flexability 

Flexibility the passenger must be able to sit comfortably in the rear seat microlight flexwing aircraft are tandem so the passenger sits behind the pilot the pilot seat back comes up after the passenger is seated which means the passenger must sit with legs apart, passengers must be able to sit  in comfort in this position.

The pilot must be able to climb into the aircraft and sit between the legs of the passenger with there back on the seat rest,if the pilot considers he is not in the correct position to flyor the passenger will be in discomfort the flight will be terminated.

If you have any queries please email us before making a booking 



It is very important is to you to tell the pilot of any medical issues you may have before the flight,we take on trust that you will tell the pilot of any medical issue which may prevent you flying safely

Scuba Divers Divers should tell the pilot if they have been diving within 24 hours below 30ft but please tell the pilot of diving what ever the depth.

Alcohol. Anyone one smelling of Alcohol will NOT be allowed to fly.

Drugs Any one the pilot suspects of being under the influence of drugs will not be allowed to fly 

Eating or Chewing gum We do not allow eating or chewing gum whilst in flight the nature of flexwing is that you are sat in tandem ( one behind the other) if during turbulence you inadvertently swallowed down the wind pipe and started to choke the pilot will not be able to assist you in flight. 

Customers Property Microlight flying lessons trial flights can not be held responsible for customers property left,lost or damaged on our property or aircraft neither can any microlight flying lessons trial flights staff be held responsible for loss or damage'

Damages  any damages caused to microlight flights equipment or sheffield aero club will be invoiced to the customer. 

Abuse Any abuse of staff either at our venues    by phone or email will not be tolerated. we try to accommodate all customers if possible, we have no control over the weather or any other unforeseen circumstances. Also if you arrive late, over weight, no in-date flight voucher, or anything that will cause delay or cancellation of the flight and cause disruption this will not be accepted and asked to leave and your voucher will be classed as used and will no longer be valid.

 Any person refusing to leave microlight flying lessons trial flights office for what ever reason, action will be taken to remove this persons from the office any damage caused will be invoiced also loss of earnings.


If the voucher is one of the many voucher companies we use we may write to the voucher company with a formal complaint and we may redeem the voucher.

If we find that you have caused  some written or spoken abuse. or false allegations by customer or student against microlight flights or individual at our venue ,we will take action against any persons that cause the abuse. with legal action with all the ensuing costs that will involve.

If a result of the abuse or disagreement  to any pilot of microlight flights, results in flight cancellation,and if the pilot believes that this will effect his performance with that the safety of any flight,  there after, the person causing the abuse will be charged for any lost revenue on flights cancelled. this will be charged at our full 60 mins rate current at the time.


Summary There are no refunds given on any gift voucher or lessons after the initial 14 days at any time, also we reserve the right to cancel any flight due to weather, Instructor illness, aircraft serviceability, airfield closures due to weather or accidents, customer unsuitability i.e.-overweight, Safety harness not fitting, some undisclosed illness either physical or mental, intoxication either by alcohol or drugs or abusive behavior. No cameras or phones. Membership form must be signed before any event takes place Simulator or Flight. (Please note It is the customer who must phone the flight line to ensure the flight will be going ahead.)

Microlight flying lessons Trial flights. are a independent  from Sheffield aero club we do not have any business association with Sheffield aero club or they with us, except for rental agreements. Sheffield aero club addminster the airfield.

The airfield licence belongs to Sheffield aero club.

To fly at the airfield we all have to be members of Sheffield Aeroclub.

There are 3 other flight schools at the airfield these are individual schools, so it is important you ensure when you phone that you are booking the correct school, also we do not take bookings for any other school.

Microlight flights only fly Flexwing microlights.

We reserve the right to alter our terms and conditions without notification.

Also these terms and conditions replace. Any sent out with MFLTL flight vouchers.