I hope a explanation why we cancel your flight

  Why we may need to cancel  a microlight lesson


Why do our flights keep getting cancelled? is a question we are often asked, so I will hopefully be able to answer that for you.

Safety is always the first and foremost consideration for our pilot.  Our pilot will make the decision before each flight as to whether it is safe to fly.  In addition will the flight be suitable for student training or an experience flight.


Decisions the pilot makes before each




Ø Weather - He will check with the Met. Office for the day's weather. If weather not suitable at that stage Pilot will cancel


Tower to pilot that,s not how we check the wind  

Ø Wind - Is the wind within the operational limits of the aircraft?  I.e. on our school aircraft it is a 20 mph head wind on the ground.  And the cross wind limit is only 10 mph.  This is when the wind is blowing diagonally across the runway.


 Cross wind landing a bit extreme but shows the point

 Flight Visibility 

Visibility From Microlight flights office 


Flight Visibility

Ø Visibility - The minimum visibility for us to fly         in is 5km. The pilot may cancel beyond that if he does not think it will give the trial flight value for his or her flight. or any safety concerns




Ø Rain - No flying at all.

Ø Fog/mist - No flying at all.

Ø Snow/ice on ground - Airfield may be closed so no flying. also It will be with wind chill far to cold for flying even with our very thick winter suits. 

To cold to fly 

Ø Turbulence - A pilot may consider it too turbulent to fly a customer.  Hot summer days can cause too many thermal lifts making it very bumpy.


 The picture above gives idea on thermals again not nice to experience on hot summers day



Our pilot may consider it is to bumpy for a trial flight 


Ø Aircraft serviceability - Our pilot checks all administration documents to check they are up to date, and all services have been carried out at the correct times.

Ø Pre flight checks - Pilot will check the aircraft to check there are no issues that would prevent it from flying.

Ø Health issues - Is the pilot and the student fit to fly?


Decision changes - As all conditions can change unexpectedly preventing flights.



Our decisions are always made with safety in mind our pilot will not make a decision to fly because a customer has traveled a long way only to be cancelled on arrival. if our pilot with over two decades of flying experience and the many 1000 hours of logged flying hours cancel there is a reason of flight flight safety. So please be patient it is not unusual for customers to be canceled 4 or 5 times some even more until conditions are right for a safe flight.